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Thursday, May 17th, 2018

Find the perfect day of adventure, food, wine and fun

—Wandering aimlessly in a new location can be no fun, so for visitors seeking a superior progressive food tour and special guided day, look no further than the five star rated Central Coast Food Tours. Cast off any uncertainty, and relish in making memorable experiences tasting, smelling and reveling in the best restaurants with wine pairings in beautiful, sunny California. Central Coast Food Tours is a great introduction to the places to see, taste, and enjoy. Your ticket to all the fun is with hosts Laura and Yule Gurreau, the husband and wife team, who love running their local business, Central Coast Food Tours. Laura and Yule use their experiences as locals of 30 years, to plan the perfect day out- what wines to pair, beers to sip, treats to indulge in, and more. Find a pleasurable getaway, and all of the finest foods, wines and adventures the Central Coast has to offer.

Central Coast Food Tours helps guests discover hidden secrets, local hot spots, and culture. Participants are provided exclusive looks into the interesting history in the region, and the customized, and perfectly streamlined schedule, is individually catered to maximize each patrons’ unique tastes. The small town friendliness, authenticity, and focus on delicious food and sights to see, are just some of the highlights of Central Coast Food Tours. The tour guides adore what they do, and have a passion for helping guests to enjoy their celebrations and gatherings with tailor-made itineraries. They pride themselves on spending the time getting to know each guest, focusing on constructing the best possible custom tour for each unique person, bringing their combined expertise and knowledge.

Laura expressed, “Having our business is the best job in the world. The most wonderful thing about what we do is meeting such interesting, intelligent people. The guests are on vacation, with loved ones, are in a happy state of mind. It is a joy to get to know each person as we take them on guided tours of the lovely places in San Luis Obispo County.“ She added, “So many restaurants in the area are owned by the chefs, and our location is known for having incredible options, considering all of the farms, fresh fruits, and vegetables which are locally grown and sourced.” There is a definite comradery in this unique part of the world, full of delicious handmade products, which are lovingly made at the local craft breweries, wineries and distilleries. Laura shared, “When you put a group of people together, and enjoy amazing food and drink, something magical happens and opens people up, and makes them want to unwind. I feel like I have the best job in the world to facilitate that process, people expressing in their ideas, thoughts, and wisdom.”

Central Coast Food Tours offers five different tour options, with a specialty on couples and small groups. They are available for tours from Monday through Saturday, and under special circumstances, on Sundays. Central Coast Food Tour also provides pick-ups in their Mercedes Benz anywhere between San Simeon and Arroyo Grande, covering a wider area than most other food tours on the Central Coast. For more information on booking a private tour, please visit or call 1-800-656-0713.

-Cassandra Frey


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