Henry Rollins Traveling Slideshow shakes up the Fremont Theater

Thursday, November 1st, 2018

Henry Rollins Traveling Slideshow tour made a stop in San Luis Obispo, at the Fremont Theater on Monday, October 29 2018.

Fans treated to a night full of loud laughs and deep reflections with Henry Rollins

—The historic Fremont Theater in downtown San Luis Obispo recently hosted the acclaimed singer, author, actor, and writer Henry Rollins. This visit wasn’t for a rock performance, but for his traveling slideshow tour. Rollins shares his pictures and stories, recalling with great emotion his experiences and world travels.

Rollins is known for his iconic personality, and intensity. His spoken word performances and history as a lead singer in the famous 80’s punk band Black Flag give him a wide fan base and accordingly, a big audience. Known for film, documentaries, and voiceovers, Rollins is a multifaceted man these days, staying relevant throughout various forms of pop culture.

Aside from creating music, teaching, and talking, Rollins is deeply interested in journalism and writes for LA Weekly and Rolling Stone Australia. The man is very busy, traveling a lot, and hosts a weekly podcast on an NPR affiliate. Rollins has a passion for photography, especially of people and landscapes across the globe, and during his slideshow tour, he shares his personal stories, experiences, and moments.

“People have more of a story than you might think. I find our species to be very incredible and super interesting.” he expressed during the show. Rollins has an undying fascination with humanity and loves to meet, see, and interact with people from all different backgrounds.  Rollins shared, “I try to get a different understanding on American history because as they say, it is written by the victors.”

Henry Rollins, traveler, journalist and photographer.

Rollins took to the stage at the colorfully lit Fremont Theater, days before Halloween, to a full audience. He shared his delightful, hilarious stories, and the touching, eye-opening moments, which many times show a harsh reality of the circumstances around our planet. Rollins expressed his most inner thoughts, and energetically, eloquently recounted his feelings on a variety of subjects.

The guy has seen a lot of the world through touring with his various bands. Yet, he had an itch to veer away from the typical vacation locations, and explore a whole other aspect of life, wandering streets in search of whatever came his way. The man has quite a compassionate attitude towards all walks of life, and people he has encountered leave an impact on him. He excitedly shared many of the interesting sights, smells, and feelings he’s had on his travels.

Rollins has the ability to pull in an audience, by detailing and reliving situations. His racing thoughts easily find their way into words. He didn’t even pause for a single drink of water during the entirety of the slideshow presentation.

During the slideshow, he reveals his vast knowledge and depth on many subjects, and his undying delight to find out more is addictive. Rollins is a well versed, intelligent, depthful, thinking individual with energy to burn and light shining out from within. History, science, art, music, politics, the list goes on and on. The man’s mind is like a steel trap, full of information, ready to share at a moment’s notice. Full on, ready to go at all times.

His work in photography is beautiful, the photos are like living memories, each with a pulse. He has a knack for capturing stunning moments in time, and in places so remote and unthinkable. The man is like some Indiana Jones character with a camera, off in the desert crammed in a hot little car going hours and hours away to untouched landscapes. Rollins is so busy absorbing and taking in his surroundings, the man remembers minute details which he can recall in an instant. Full of conviction with a steady supply of data to back it up, one thing is certain, he’s a student of the world. He follows no man, and instead is carried by the wind, unchained, and free to pursue a greater understanding of the world around us. He gives the audience a rare glimpse into what inspires him and sticks with him.

Aside from being a great comedian, the funnyman has a serious side-and knows just how twisted this world is that we live in. He encourages everyone to travel, introducing a sympathy for the human struggle, the environment, and the animals. His stories include the Highway of Death in Iraq, with a little history lesson on wars there and control. His memories of Vietnamese veterans who have no children, and generations of agent orange victims, hit you in the gut. The far-off tribes and impoverished nations across each continent have deeply impacted his worldview, bringing him humility and experience. His engaging, intelligent show never ceased to entertain, and the world is absolutely a better place for it.

“What we enjoyed the most aside from the high energy presentation was his ability to inform the audience about dire situations he encountered in his travels without coming off as negative, as well as his careful approach with presenting his disagreement with people without whipping his crowd up in a frenzy of hate, he has reverence for and acknowledges the fact that people look to and listen to him, I wish other people of note were as careful with their messages as he is, especially in the time we live in”- fan at show, Nat Davies shared.

“After almost 30 years of being inspired by Henry Rollins, his slideshow is a fresh addition to his already captivating talking shows. At the root of it is someone doing all he can to bring the world a little closer together by sharing his experiences and unique perspective as a traveler with a lot of miles under his belt.” – local musician Travis Larson expressed.

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