How storage simplifies remodeling—tips from the Paso Robles self-storage expert

Wednesday, July 10th, 2024

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-Finally! It’s happening! The long-awaited and planned home remodel. Excitement rises despite all the stories friends have shared about the unexpected delays, expenses, and stresses they experienced. Rick Runnells, owner and manager of Paso Robles’ River Road Mini Storage has some tips to help homeowners simplify the remodeling process and avoid some of the associated stress.

The remodeling process involves a lot of planning, organization, and, most importantly, space management. One of the best ways to ease the stress and streamline the process is by renting a storage unit. The fewer obstacles the construction crew has to face, the faster the remodel goes, and the sooner life gets back to normal. Here are the benefits of temporarily storing household items during a remodel.

  • A clear workspace helps the job get done on time. Removing furniture and other possessions from the home creates a clear workspace for the construction crew. They can come in, and do their jobs without interruption.
  • Belongings are protected from damage, dust, debris, paint splatters, and more. Unless the plan is to refurnish the newly remodeled home with brand-new furnishings and belongings, keeping everything safe in storage is the best guarantee all will be safe.
  • Reducing liability and avoiding accidents. The fewer items in the home, the less the chance of an accident. Tools, ladders, and other construction materials create enough hazards, but any worker injuries due to those items are the responsibility of the contractor. A worker tripping over a household item can be a liability to the homeowner. A storage unit keeps non-essential items out of the way, reducing the chances of trips and falls.
  • Valuables can be stored securely and protected. Remodeling often means contractors and workers coming in and out of your home. Storing valuable items off-site in a secure storage unit provides peace of mind, knowing that your possessions are safe and protected.
  • Storage unit can serve as a temporary staging space for new materials, fixtures, and appliances. Instead of cluttering your home with these items, store them in the unit until they are needed, allowing for a more organized and sequential approach to the remodeling process. The Paso Robles self-storage facility has units in different sizes and can accommodate short-term or long-term storage.

With your space decluttered, the remodeling crew can work more efficiently. They can move around freely, set up their equipment without hindrance, and complete tasks more quickly. Making it possible for the crew to organize their workspace for efficiency leads to faster project completion and potentially lower labor costs.

From decluttering the workspace and protecting belongings to ensuring a safer and more organized work environment, a storage unit provides a practical solution to many common remodeling challenges.

River Road Mini Storage has been serving the self-storage needs of Paso Robles and nearby communities since 1984 and under the current owners since 2004. A highly secure facility, personal belongings are protected by code-controlled gate access, a full and securely fenced facility with on-site security cameras. Other benefits include wide drive-up access to all units and easy, affordable online payment options.

The experts at River Road Mini Storage are dedicated to making their customers a top priority and assisting in a friendly and courteous manner.

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