Nipomo Grande Orchids is a flower lover’s paradise

Thursday, January 4th, 2018

Seedling Cymbidium ‘Nipomo Grande.’

Find gifts, antiques and of course: lots of stunning orchids

–Nipomo Grande Orchids and Concierge Nursery, in Nipomo, is a flower lover’s Garden of Eden.  Award winning orchids grace the nursery in all sizes and varieties.

Orchids are the star of the show, but as you peruse the grounds and weave through the various displays, you will see numerous varieties of fuchsia, palms, succulents, geraniums, passion flowers, fruit trees and flowering vines, along with interesting sights like dendrobiums in a tree, cascading hundreds of fragrant orchid flowers down through the branches. This is an outing to be remembered.

“Brian’s orchids are amazing,” stated Molly Pentecost, at the Old Town Junction, which shares space with the Nursery and integrates unusual gifts and antiques with the plants. “Visitors are often surprised and delighted at the size of the nursery and are often in awe when they see interesting types of orchids that they never knew existed.”

“Growing orchids is a labor of love,” stated owner, Brian Bethke. “I specialize in Cymbidium and Dendrobium Orchids and many other exotic plants that you often can’t find. I enjoy seeing customers light up in awe of these amazing, beautiful flowers.  Orchids are Mother Nature’s masterpiece.”

Many say that Bethke is an “Orchid Whisperer.” He is often called upon to help customers with ailing orchids and is gifted in landscaping with orchids and other plants, to create drought-tolerant gardens that bloom, as in symphony of color, throughout the year.

The first orchids of the season are now blooming and their beauty and intricacy is like eye candy. The nursery will be filling up with new orchid selections through next Summer and is open from 11a.m. to 6 p.m., Wednesday through Sunday.

These award-winning orchids are also on display at Pismo Bob’s, 930 Price St. in Pismo Beach, open daily.

For those interested in a closer look behind the scenes, Brian Bethke will graciously welcome you to his growing grounds, where the magic happens.

The Nipomo Grande Orchids growing grounds, in Arroyo Grande, can be visited by appointment only. Group tours are welcomed. Call (805) 203-5090 to make arrangements and visit Nipomo Grand Orchids on Facebook

-Donna Polizzi


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