Paso Robles self-storage: What spring cleaning and storage have in common

Monday, March 18th, 2024

Paso Robles self-storage

-As the days grow longer and warmer there’s a natural inclination to open the windows wide, breathe in the fresh air, and start the annual tradition of spring cleaning. It’s a time-honored ritual that River Road Mini Storage, the Paso Robles self-storage team can help simplify.

For many, spring cleaning goes beyond mere tidying up; it’s a time for clearing out the old and creating space for the new. Interestingly, there’s a surprising connection between spring cleaning and renting a storage unit, both serving as gateways to decluttering and revitalization.

Spring cleaning isn’t just about wiping away dust or organizing closets; it’s a time for decluttering, something a storage unit can make much easier. It’s pretty easy to fill the recycle bin with old magazines that no longer have a purpose or fill some boxes with outgrown clothing and unused kitchen utensils to drop off at the local second-hand shop. It’s quite another thing to get bogged down trying to decide if a broken toy can be repaired, or what to do with great grandma’s favorite old wingback chair. This is where the storage unit comes into play.

A storage unit gives us a place to put the items we might want to repair, repurpose, or gift to a family member or friend. The unit gives us the time to get the spring cleaning done without distractions and think about sentimental possessions later.

Does every spring-cleaning project need a storage unit? Not necessarily. But if one of the purposes is to declutter, then temporarily storing items in the garage is counter-productive. Hiding them in one or more closets is also counter-productive. With a little planning, a storage unit offers a safe and secure place to store possessions out of sight, until the house is sparkling clean and organized. Then attention can be turned to what to do with the items in storage.

Planning spring cleaning

Most people attack spring cleaning on a room-by-room basis. In a lot of ways, spring cleaning is like moving:

  • We find items we thought lost while cleaning out cabinets and closets.
  • The vintage chest of drawers meant to be refinished is still standing in the corner, waiting.
  • The box of books meant for Aunt Sally is still on the hall closet floor, waiting for her next visit.
  • Boxes of broken items meant for repair sit under the box of books.
  • Do we really want to keep that old sofa?
  • Been meaning to sort through the boxes of holiday decorations?

Rather than getting distracted with all of the items that need a decision about their future, rent a storage unit. Storage facilities like the Paso Robles self-storage team, are happy to help assess the size of unit that might be needed.

  • Move all of the obvious things first; those things that are in safekeeping for someone else, projects to be finished, keepsakes that are ready for someone else, and boxes of things to sort.
  • Spring cleaning is usually done room-by-room. Set up boxes for donation items, trash bags for trash, and boxes for items to go to storage. For every item picked up, place it in the appropriate trash bag or box.
  • As additional items to store or donate are discovered, place them in the correct boxes and make scheduled drop-offs to reduce any clutter.
  • When the house is sparkling clean and decluttered, relax and enjoy before turning attention to the items in storage.
  • Only bring projects back into the home or garage when there is time set aside to work on them.
  • Make appointments to meet friends or family at the storage unit to gift them items they want.

River Road Mini Storage has been providing self-storage solutions for Paso Robles and nearby communities since 1984, and under the current ownership since 2004. It is a safe and secure facility offering:

  • Code controlled gate access 7 days a week.
  • Well-lit and fully fenced.
  • On-site security cameras.
  • Convenient location.
  • Wide drive-up access to all units.
  • Easy, affordable payment options.

A storage unit can take spring cleaning to an entirely new level.

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