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Wednesday, March 13th, 2019


A friendly wind by Susan Von Borstel


The gallery features a multitude of mediums from local and international artists

In the heart of downtown Pismo Beach lies the Seaside Gallery, one of the few fine art galleries in the area. Seaside Gallery is a warm place that invites art into your soul – paintings adorn the walls, along with various sculptures and other interesting pieces. The variety of impressionistic, abstract, fauvist, expressionistic, and realistic pieces showcase the diversity of techniques and vision expressed by local to internationally-known artists.

Tom and Sherie Burgher, owners of Seaside Gallery since 2008, and their staff of art consultants with fine art degrees and interior design experience are welcoming and knowledgeable. Tour the gallery in the company of either and gain personal insight about each artist. Each piece of art has a story. Visitors can immerse themselves into the work of one or many artists. View paintings of Pismo Beach and Shell Beach, alongside sculptures of cowboys and horses displayed throughout the gallery. Even the storage door is adorned with drawings from children. Sherie, noticing visiting children’s appreciation for the art, gives children a place to display their own art, reinforcing a new generation of art lovers and burgeoning artists.

Seascape painting by David Dalton

“We strive to be servants to our customers and servants of our artists,” the owners say. Seaside Gallery was established in 1996 as a multiple artist art gallery. It has evolved over the years to be an affordable Fine Art Gallery that provides the best quality professional art from around the world and locally. We represent professional artists who create with a craftsman-like diligence to quality execution, who know how to create alluring compositions and communicate with shapes, colors and tones. We look for creative subjects expressed in a broad range of techniques from realistic representation to impressionism to abstract expressionism in 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional art. We research artists who are emerging with potential to be great and we offer our customers proven artists who are already in the permanent collections of museums and corporations. And we present these artists to you with a range of their work displayed in their own space and light.

Tom and Sherie Burgher

When Tom learned that the Seaside Gallery was up for sale, he knew it was opportunity knocking on his door. Up for the challenge, he decided to break boundaries and created a “basis for business to grow.” Running a gallery may have its tough points, but it’s created a chance to meet many talented artists and art world executives. Plus, he says, “Nobody buys art in a bad mood.” Their desire to turn the gallery into a place for high-quality artwork has been successful. Consequently, Tom and Sherie have reorganized their proprietorship to create a new bit of business in the form of Enterprise, LLC, a company that will be the catalyst for art events and public shows to enrich the community and bring in more opportunities for artists and those who appreciate art. Entreprise, LLC includes three elements: Seaside Gallery, SLOPOKE Events, and Digimagination.

Digimagination focuses on fine art photography, digital image file creation for artists, limited edition publication of art on canvas and paper, a new focus on affordable quality framing, as well as graphics and video for art promotion. As a separate business, SLOPOKE is an offsite, juried public art show presenting renowned artists creating with a regional or western theme. See www.the-slopoke.com for more information about the two-day SLOPOKE event slated for Fall 2019. Seaside Gallery works to transform Pismo Beach into an affordable, fine art destination, midway between the art communities in Carmel and Laguna Beach.

Visit Seaside Gallery at 580 Cypress Street N-4 in Pismo Beach Monday through Saturday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and on Sundays from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. For more information, call  (805) 773-8057 or see www.theseasidegallery.com.

–Rachelle Tellez


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