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Wednesday, March 20th, 2024

Photo Bloke photography tours Paso Robles

Photography workshops for all skill levels and equipment

—For all photo enthusiasts who are searching for that perfect shot of an otter in Morro Bay or a serene sunset over the rolling Paso Robles vineyards, Randall Bryett the Photo Bloke is an exciting opportunity to fulfill your wishes.

“The Photo Bloke is a new offshoot of my photography business Aussie Wild Photography and I am offering this as an exciting adventure option. Although I have tutored wildlife photography students in the past, I have added this concept for all budding photographers to ride along on a photo shoot with me. These workshops are a cross between a safari and a classroom. I welcome folks who use all levels of equipment from iPhones to top-of-the-range mirrorless camera outfits,” said Bryett. Born in Australia, Bryett moved to the Central Coast after living in the United States since 1998.

A typical basic workshop experience starts at $495 and lasts for a half day with the ability to extend to a full day ($795) hours depending on skill experience and location goals. Be prepared to cruise around with Bryett to find shooting potential, whether it be searching for eagles, hawks, and other wildlife on back country roads, otters in Morro Bay, or another situation that tugs at your photographer’s heartstrings. For beginners, Bryett teaches the basics of the equipment and how to take the perfect shot; more advanced customers can trade tips and learn about more technical aspects of the camera.

photography workshops Paso Robles

“Vineyard country, parks, or wherever the light is right and the shot presents itself, we will be ready. In those special hours in morning or afternoon light we find subjects worthy of a click or two!” said Bryett, adding that, “My workshops are adventures of discovery. We have so much in our area to shoot; vineyards, agricultural imagery, people, pets and farmyard animals, even cemeteries present heavenly opportunities.”

Bryett’s main business is Aussie Wild Photography and after interest from people wanting to join Bryett on his expeditions, The Photo Bloke was born.

“Photography is a mix of light, timing, technology, and luck stirred into the split seconds when the shutter button is triggered. Our time together on a workshop is boiled down to effort applied, opportunities presented, and extracting the best from those fractions of seconds. Join me in seeking out wildlife and other interesting scenes all while learning methods, tips, and styles that work,” Bryett said.

The Photo Bloke is based in the Central Coast. For more information, call (415) 308-4544 or visit

— By Sadie Mae Mace


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