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Wednesday, July 10th, 2024

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-Planning a wedding is a detailed project with many tasks and choosing a caterer is one item on the “to-do” list. There’s a little more to it than making a phone call and crossing “hire caterer” off the list. The team from Popolo Catering, the San Luis Obispo wedding caterer, has some important tips to help streamline choosing a caterer.

Preparation is key.

  • Make sure the caterer serves the area where the wedding and reception are being held.
  • Does the selected venue allow for an outside caterer? If the venue provides catering service, is the menu going to meet the food and service the couple has in mind?
  • Check out the catering company’s menus.
  • Consider any dietary restrictions wedding guests might have and find out if they can be accommodated.
  • Look up reviews and get a sense of their style and specialties.

Once the potential caterers are narrowed down to a favored few, it’s often the tasting experience that helps make the final decision. The wedding meal tasting showcases the food and it’s a preview of the entire catering service. Caterers go to great lengths to stage a tasting experience that showcases the best they have to offer. From deliciously prepared food, the full table setting, including China, glassware, and silverware, and the wine, to the attentiveness of the servers, the tasting experience is meant to demonstrate the reasons they would be the first choice.

Before stepping foot in the tasting room, it’s important to be well-prepared.

  • Is the tasting complimentary and for how many? San Luis Obispo’s Popolo Catering offers complimentary tasting for two.
  • Is there a per-person charge for additional guests and how many can be accommodated?
  • Typically, the bride and groom are the primary attendees of the tasting. However, it can also be beneficial to bring along a couple of trusted family members or friends. Choose honest individuals, who have a good palate.
  • Keep the number of tasting guests to a minimum. Remember the tasting is an expense and effort on the part of the caterer to provide a memorable experience. Kitchen staff to prepare the food, servers, and other expenses are incurred to offer the best experience.
  • Schedule the tasting several months before the wedding. This allows ample time to make adjustments and changes based on the tasting. Aim to book the tasting for a time that is convenient for both the tasting party and the caterer.
  • Be on time. Even a few minutes before the scheduled seating is acceptable.
  • Smart-casual attire shows respect for the caterers and the process. Comfortable clothing will help you feel at ease and focused on the task at hand.
  • Evaluate both the presentation and the taste of each dish. A wedding meal is as much about visual appeal as it is about flavor. Take notes on how each dish looks and tastes.
  • Don’t hesitate to ask questions about the ingredients, preparation methods, and portion sizes. This is the opportunity to understand exactly what will be served to the wedding guests. Provide constructive feedback. A good caterer has some flexibility to make adjustments to meet reasonable expectations.
  • If the wedding includes a bar service, discuss beverage pairings. Wine, cocktails, and even non-alcoholic drinks can significantly enhance the dining experience. A tasting can also include sampling potential pairings to ensure a harmonious dining experience.
  • Take notes to refer to later.
  • It is appropriate wedding tasting etiquette to tip the tasting servers.

After the tasting, take some time to review any notes and discuss the experience with the tasting guests. Communicate the final decisions clearly with the caterer to avoid any misunderstandings.

Most of all, remember to enjoy the tasting experience. This is a special part of the wedding journey. Savor the moment and have fun with it.

Popolo Catering serves all of San Luis Obispo County, Santa Maria, Santa Barbara, and nearby communities. With the kitchen located in San Luis Obispo and the business office in Santa Maria, Popolo Catering is geographically positioned to serve the entire California Central Coast.

Founded in 2002 by Leon and Kat Castillo, the family-owned and operated business quickly became one of the most popular choices for catering services on the Central Coast. They have the equipment and staff to provide catering services for three weddings per weekend.

The Castillo family and Popolo Catering team have earned their winning reputation through a strong commitment to quality, customer satisfaction, and the community. Specializing in unique fusion cuisine the menu features Mexican, Italian, rotisserie chicken, and Santa Maria Style Barbecue.

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