Discover distinct items and collectibles from the past and present at Reminisce

Friday, August 29th, 2014

Shopping at reminisce

Something for everyone in downtown Paso Robles

Visitors to the Paso Robles area have discovered what locals have long-since known – Reminisce, an expansive village of shops located in downtown Paso Robles, is a delightful place to visit anytime of the year. Overflowing with treasures, this delightful one-stop shopping experience beckons passers-by to indulge in all things distinct and unique. “Reminisce is definitely a destination location,” Reminisce owner Jeannie Bork said. “When local customers have friends or relatives come to town, the first thing they want to do is come see us at Reminisce. I have the best customers in the whole world.”

Owners of Reminisce

Pam Smith (left) and Jeannie Bork greet customers at Reminisce.

A childhood dream realized

When Bork purchased Reminisce, it was the fulfillment of her childhood dream to own a knick-knack place. An avid antique collector, she jumped at the chance to purchase the shop. Responding to her initial fear of owning the business, Bork turned to prayer and said “my fear was gone.” “I just love the vibe here because of the variety, because of the constant change and because of the people,” Bork said. “I enjoy sharing and talking with everyone who comes in and with all of the vendors.” Describing Reminisce as a “village of shops,” Bork said visitors often refer to it as an “experience, not just shopping.” From vintage to antiques, collectibles to reproduction, there is something for everyone. Hundreds of gift and home décor items – a broad range of local artwork, western items, jewelry and more fill the aisles – beckon curiosity seekers to the quaint shop.

Past and present share space in village of shops

Visitors, greeted by Bork’s enthusiastic and energetic smile, along with courteous and helpful vendors who share time at the shop, are eager to gaze upon items from the past and present displayed in an organized and neat manner. A good share of the dealers have a passion for repurposing furniture and other household items, with Bork saying of their handiwork, “we were green before green was in.” “Our merchandise changes constantly, so customer will see something new every time they come in,” Bork said. Merchandise from 38 dealers under one roof is displayed among aisles with names such as Main Street and Lavender Lane. “The customers like the surprise factor and they look forward to the anticipation of how Reminisce will look or what will be new each time they visit.”

Talented vendors, happy customers

Just as the customers like the feel of the shop, Bork said the vendors enjoy doing business at Reminisce – they have their very own little shop inside this bigger shop. Truly talented and dedicated, the vendors’ passion for their work is evident while browsing the aisles of the unique and eclectic village of shops. “The Lord sends me the most talented and incredible dealers,” Bork said. “They love doing this and I believe that is a big part of what makes this so special.” Bork said her personal goal is for everyone to leave happy, whether they purchase something or not. The enthusiastic shop owner said that if her customers leave feeling happy, they will want to come back.Shopping in Reminisce “I cherish the fact that so many customers tell me that this is their happy place,” Bork said. “If they just have a few minutes, they stop in and they leave feeling good. That means so much to me. I love the dealers, I love the customers and I love what we are doing here at Reminisce.” Stop by Reminisce, located at the corner of 14th and Pine at 1344 Pine St. in Paso Robles, open daily Call (805) 239-1001 or go to for more information.


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