Good food, trains, friends and family meet at the Station Grill

Saturday, September 14th, 2019


Serving up home-cooked goodness

The Station Grill is the perfect location for a hearty breakfast before a day of exploring or a lunch break in a day of shopping and dinner with friends at the end of a full day. A Grover Beach landmark, the restaurant is located close to shopping, the Pismo Dunes State Park, and close enough to the train station to experience the rumble and clanking of trains.

Owner Chris Rivas says that he and his wife, Karen, and their local and visiting regulars have not only become accustomed to the rumble of passing trains, it adds a little extra adventure to the dining experience and some excitement for kids and kids-at-heart.
The Station Grill, serving breakfast, lunch and dinner, is known for its home-cooked, flavorful food. “Everything we’ve served since we opened has been what we would serve our family,” says Rivas.

The food is the top priority for first-class service. The consistent quality of food prepared by cooks who have been with the Rivas almost since the beginning, the friendly service, good training, cleanliness and reasonable prices all stack up to keep guests well-fed and coming back.

“We work hard on keeping the restaurant clean. I hear almost every day how much customers appreciate that.”

Start with breakfast and come on back

Breakfast can be a warming bowl of oatmeal, omelets, burritos, French toast, to the hearty Station Grill Breakfast: three eggs any style, with bacon or sausage, hash browns and toast. “We serve close to 100 of these on weekdays and 200 on weekends,” says Rivas.
The Station Grill has a kid’s menu and side orders filling enough to be a complete meal. For lunch, guests love wraps, salads, burgers, pastrami, and sandwiches. For dinner, the Station Grill offers classics like meatloaf, chicken Alfredo, flat-iron steak, pork shanks — all served with a side salad and bread.

“Without a doubt, our most popular dinner is Karen’s meatloaf. It’s the family recipe made to order, served with garlic bread, real mashed potatoes and gravy from scratch.”

Home-cooking has certainly served the Rivas and their guests well over the years. “We have great food and family atmosphere here. At any given time, I could probably introduce you by name to half of the people in the restaurant,” Rivas says with pride, adding that he knows several regulars who eat there more than once a day. Beyond the regulars, the Station Grill has become a hot spot for tourists and a meeting spot for several local groups and organizations.

The Station Grill serves local beer and wine and has a dog-friendly patio.

The Station Grill, located at 170 W. Grand Avenue in Grover Beach at the corner of Grand and Highway 1, is open Monday through Saturday from 6:30 a.m. to 8 p.m. and on Sunday from 7:00 a.m. to 3 p.m. Call (805) 489-3030 or check the daily specials at


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