Harmony Valley Creamery re-opens after 46-year hiatus

Thursday, July 21st, 2016

Harmony creamery

–After taking a 46-year hiatus, 103-year-old Harmony Valley Creamery has re-opened for business, introducing a line of small batch artisan ice creams, being served out of all things, a fully restored 1957 DIVCO milk truck.

Harmony Valley Creamery briefly debuted its ice cream last year at the California Mid-State Fair, testing its product and seeking consumer feedback, before going into hibernation as the antique scoop truck was being restored. “We had overwhelmingly positive feedback from customers at last year’s Mid-State Fair, and we’ve just been waiting for the scoop truck restoration. It’s not every day you take a 1957 DIVCO, completely restore and convert it into an ice cream truck,” says Owner/Founder of Harmony Valley Creamery Alan Vander Horst.

Harmony Valley Creamery’s initial ice cream include such classic flavors as – Vanilla Bean, Chocolate, Strawberry, Cookies n’ Cream, Mint n’ Chip and Butter Pecan. The all-natural ice creams with no added hormones are locally made and produced in small batches.

The scoop truck will be serving up its ice at the California Mid-Sate Fair July 20 – July 31. After the Mid-State Fair, you can find the scoop in the town of Harmony – population 18 – serving up its super premium ice cream and at special events throughout the county.

As for future plans, Harmony Valley Creamery will have its scoop truck available for hire for everything from weddings, wine events, and large gatherings to casual picnics and birthday parties year-round, and is currently in the middle of restoring a second truck – a 1964 DIVCO for a double scoop of ice cream fun.



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