Jewelry and Sculpture of Jack Biesek on display

Thursday, October 24th, 2013

Gallery at the network

Gallery at the Network hosting “A Retrospective Exhibition” through Nov. 27

The Gallery at the Network brings together a collection of jewelry and small sculptures by master designer, sculptor and artist, Jack Biesek. The Gallery has been pleased to represent Jack’s jewelry for the past several years, and we were greatly saddened when he passed away on June 30 of esophageal cancer at his home in See Canyon.

Jack Biesek

Jack Biesek

His work of hand-crafted jewelry and sculpture has a simple elegance that is often described as tribal, ancient or primitive. Made from silver, pewter, bronze and stone, each piece is distinctive and reflects a rustic and original style. A celebration of graceful shapes, venerable materials and superb finishes, his creations are one of a kind in bronze, stone and steel. His wife, Sumac, often worked with Jack in creating their work known as California Rustic.

Jack was involved in creating and designing since he was twenty years old and maintained a “beginner’s mind” which he saw as being far more motivating than being “the expert”. He stated,”The universe has blessed me with this condition and I graciously accept it. I give credit to the muses who speak through me. I am only the hands, the mind and the spirit that is moved to explore the depth of my soul for the shapes and figures that are simple, abstract and poetic.”

In addition to his fine art, Jack was a leader and innovator in the world of environmental graphic design and owner of Biesek Design where he created projects worldwide. But he is most remembered for his huge heart, glowing smile and immense generosity, and he will be greatly missed.

There will be a reception presenting Jack’s work during Art After Dark on November 1 from 6-8pm.


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