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Thursday, October 1st, 2015

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Pismo Pat creates brand inspired by daughter’s poem

In the fall of 2008, longtime Pismo Beach Realtor Pat McCann, a.k.a. Pismo Pat, was re-reading his daughter Allie’s 2004 school poem, Pismo Paradise. The poem, which utilized personification and captured the essentials of beach life in Pismo Beach from a 12 year olds perspective, became the inspiration for the creation of Pismodise.

Apparel & more

Noting that locals and tourists commonly used the word paradise in their daily description of Pismo Beach, Pismo Pat combined the two words of the poem’s title into one new descriptive word – Pismodise. Friends jumped in to help, a Pismodise LLC was formed, two registered trademarks were granted and, to build interest and a brand, the group started a small apparel/accessories company bearing the Pismodise name and logo.

Pismodise is much more than just an apparel company; it’s evolved as a timeless phrase that describes the beauty and magic of Pismo Beach and her surrounding communities. It’s a beach lifestyle filled with moments spent enjoying the beautiful coastal scenery, laid back moments, fun, laughter, and living life to its fullest. The first product line had two shirts, a cap, bumper sticker and postcard. Before long, the word Pismodise was being used by locals and tourists alike as a new way to describe the Pismo Beach area, with the apparel becoming a way to show Pismo pride.

Pismodise wines

Currently, Pismodise offers over 40 products with the brand name and logos including Pismodise wines, produced by Gary and Teresa Burk of Costa de Oro Winery in Santa Maria. The Pismodise Pinot Grigio is a white wine that truly captures the Pismo lifestyle. Clean and refreshing, with beautiful stone fruit aromas, this Pinot Grigio has become a local favorite.

The Pismodise Sunset Red wine is a delicious blend of Tempranillo, Cabernet Sauvignon , Syrah and Petite Syrah. The grapes were sourced from the Santa Barbara Highlands Vineyard on the eastern-most edge of Santa Barbara County. Sunset Red has blackberry/boysenberry/black cherry fruit with pepper and leather notes and the palate is full with a lengthy finish of fruit and spice.

Have it all in Pismodise

When thinking about the future of Pismodise, Pismo Pat reflects on the meaning behind the brand he helped to create, saying the word itself has become synonymous with Pismo Beach, and evokes “the feeling of living in paradise.”
“With a local, national and international clientele, Pismodise just may become the most sought-after travel destination in California,” he says. “An apparel company, a descriptive name, a memorable coastal vacation area – we have it all in Pismodise.”

For more information on Pismodise, visit www.pismodise.com or contact Pismo Pat McCann at (805) 710-0263 or pismopat805@aol.com. For more information on the Pismodise wines produced by Costa de Oro Winery, visit www.costadeorowinery.com.

Pismo Paradise

Written by Allie, February 26, 2004
If you come to Pismo Beach on a Saturday afternoon you will see all the people scurry about in her.

There were people enjoying the day flying kites, splashing in the water, walking their dogs, and eating in the local cafes.

Her hills were eyes watching over the breathing city on a breezy summer day.

As the wind whistled down the beach it carried the sand towards the boardwalk.

When the ocean threw itself into the pier, the pier danced the hula in the afternoon light.

But there are more than surfers and fish in the water, the waves like to catch little otters all along the coastline too.

Eucalyptus trees eat up all the butterflies into the big grove.

Families gather on the pier watching the fisherman’s poles jump into the water and grab their dinner out from the salty water.

The fish jumped onto the grill at the bonfire and they were a delicious treat for all the families.

Mr. Sun was watching the children play and splash around in the water and smoothed a golden tan on them.

His light filtered through the eucalyptus trees towards the dunes and the four-wheel drivers.

Riding their ATV’s through the dunes, the dunes laughed because the wheels were tickling their tummies.

As Mr. Sun got tired, he said “good night” and slowly closed his eyes.

The last flickers of his light were enjoyed by locals and the tourists.

You can see the stars smile bright because it’s a getaway from the big city life and a walk into paradise.

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