Scarecrows on display in Cambria as part of annual festival

Tuesday, October 13th, 2020

scare crow festival

–Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, Cambria’s Annual Scarecrow Festival is underway. Dozens of scarecrows are on display through the month of October.

Because of the pandemic, the scarecrows are concentrated in four displays in Cambria and one in San Simeon.

Again this year, the scarecrows are rich in creativity. Many have a nautical theme, because of the proximity to the Pacific Ocean.

The scarecrow displays are located at 4005 Burton Drive, 1174 Main Steet, 940 Main Street (at the Pinedorado Grounds). 589 Main Street (next to the Shell station), and the San Simeon Beach Bar and Grill (9520 Castillo Drive, San Simeon.)

Visitors are reminded to wear a mask, maintain social distancing, and follow directional signs through the displays.

The scarecrows will be on display through the entire month of October. They will be taken down after Halloween, Oct. 31, which falls on a Saturday in 2020.

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