What to Look for When Booking a Hotel for a California Vacation

Tuesday, March 22nd, 2022

California is known for its glorious weather, tasty food, national parks, and iconic landmarks. If you’re planning a vacation and the golden state is on the agenda, finding the right accommodations is essential. Whether you use your hotel as a base solely for sleep or you want something a bit more upmarket, here are some things to look out for before making a booking.


When it comes to booking a hotel in California, location is everything. Even if you’re hiring a car to get around California, you don’t want to be driving endless miles to reach landmarks and attractions. Getting on Google Maps and looking at the distance between hotels and the things you want to do is essential.


Whatever website you use to book a Californian hotel, they’ll all include ratings and reviews from past guests. It’s your job to look at these before going any further. If a hotel has more negative reviews than good ones, it’s wise to continue your search. Even if you find a really good deal, you should put some trust in the people who have stayed there before you. This is because their reviews will usually be unbiased and truthful.


In 2022, Wi-Fi is one of the top things to look out for in a hotel. If you’re having some downtime in your room and want to play at the best online casino on your smartphone, you’ll want to be assured you have excellent Wi-Fi to do just that. You may find you have to pay extra for Wi-Fi, so bear this in mind. If the Wi-Fi strength isn’t the greatest, you could end up twiddling your thumbs in your hotel room!


Of course, the price is one of the biggest factors when booking a hotel in California. The cost will vary depending on where you go in the state. For instance, if you’re going to Los Angeles and want to stay downtown, expect to pay more. You’ll need to work out your finances in advance to find accommodation you can realistically afford. It pays off to use a hotel comparison website to get the best deal, as you could end up saving lots of cash!


Before booking your hotel room, it’s essential to check out what amenities it has. Whether it’s a TV with cable, hairdryer, kitchen facilities, or towels, you need to be well aware of what you’ll be paying for. Even if you’re only using your hotel as a place to sleep, you still want to know you have the basics and essentials to make a pleasant stay. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask the hotel for further information.

Wherever you head to in California, booking the right hotel is key for a memorable vacation. Before you make a booking, taking the above into account will ensure you pick somewhere to stay that’s suitable for you and your loved ones.


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