5 ways to make your next family vacation the most memorable

Sunday, May 30th, 2021

Photo Credit : Jessica Rockowitz (Unsplash)

Although international vacations remain a dream for many people at the moment, this doesn’t mean that a family vacation should be out of the question altogether. Domestic tourism is on the rise, with many people taking this opportunity to discover destinations close to home. Considering the increasingly busy lives we lead, family holidays are really precious, as they give us time to break away from our normal lives and spend quality time with our loved ones. Here are a few ideas to ensure that your next family vacation is both memorable and meaningful:

Have a Digital Detox 

In a technological age, we’re all guilty of spending too much time on our digital devices. In order to relax and give your family your undivided attention, why not encourage everyone to take a digital detox by unplugging from all phones, tablets and laptops? Instead of having interesting conversations, play games and tell stories. You’ll go home feeling more relaxed, having learned new things about the important people in your life.

Hire a Local Photographer for the Day

Having a few quality photos from family holidays is something that will make for treasured memories. Seeing as you’ll be taking a digital detox, why not hire a local photographer for a day while you and the family are out on an adventure? They’ll be able to capture candid images, and no one will need to battle with getting those perfect holiday snaps. It may be a luxury, but the professional photographs will likely be worth framing.

Travel Together

If you are travelling long distances on road trips rather than splitting into separate cars, why not travel together by looking into the option of a charter bus? Not only is this a great option for group travel, but you may even be able to get yourself a driver, which will mean that everyone can focus on enjoying the ride and there will be no need for any family member to get behind the wheel. This will allow for everyone to spend quality time together during the journey without being too tired from longer bouts of driving.

Get a Holiday Rental and Prepare Your Meals Together

Treating yourself to a luxury hotel is nice but there is something to be said for having the whole family together in one place. Why not hire a large rental that can accommodate your whole group? AirBnB has some excellent options. While spoiling everyone with dinner out at a restaurant can be lovely, save it for the last night. Planning meals and cooking together can be a great bonding experience for family members of all ages.

Whether you and the family have elected to head to the coast, get acquainted with the mountains on a hiking holiday, or are more inclined for a city break, prioritize each other. Although following through with the tips mentioned here may require some effort, they will most certainly ensure you actually spend some precious moments together making memories that will be cherished in years to come. Happy holidays!

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