Cambria is the charm for upscale gallery

Tuesday, December 3rd, 2013

Teresabelle-GalleryTeresabelle Gallery is situated in the West Village

Jani Mohr didn’t realize when she obtained a cute little Westie puppy and named her Cambria, it would be the catalyst for her move to this scenic California coastal town. But as luck would have it, that is actually what happened and now she spends her days running the Teresabelle Gallery at 766 Main Street in the West Village.

Mohr immortalized her “Little Angel Cambria” during the recent Cambria Scarecrow Festival when she constructed three Westie scarecrows each depicting one of her dogs. Cambria, who has passed on, and Isabelle and Sierra graced the front window of the gallery. They also perform as the official welcoming committee for the guests coming to the gallery to see the collections of handmade jewelry, crafts, paintings and fine arts.

Mohr’s journey started with teaching color theory and design on the college level in Michigan. She then became Director of Creative Staffing for Hallmark in Kansas City, Missouri. Ultimately, she began looking for a new venture and thought she would purchase a gallery in New Mexico. However, after a visit to the town of Cambria, she knew she wanted to live here. Since purchasing the gallery in 2007, she has concentrated on bringing in works from local and West Coast artists and craftsmen.

Cards, birdhouses, porcelain and more

The spacious gallery abounds with finely crafted jewelry, as well as oil paintings, prints, decorative glass items, brightly painted tiles, and hand painted porcelain. One artist creates unique greeting cards using loosely woven fabrics and postage stamps that make marvelous art for framing. A Southern California artist designs necklaces that use quotes and open like booklets with words that offer messages of renewal, support, and inspiration. Other artists construct charming birdhouses that are painted in bright tropical colors or lighthouses that can house a bird.

“The gallery emphasizes hand crafted work,” Mohr commented, “and we support artists who design their work to uplift spirits, and bring joy and energy into people’s lives. For people who are looking for crafts that are American made coming directly from the artists’ hands, Teresabelle Gallery offers one of a kind, limited edition pieces.”

Pandora jewelry

One specialty line the gallery carries is Pandora jewelry. Pandora is a Danish design company that specializes in finely made, high quality beads for bracelets and necklaces. A wide range of bead charms are available, made using Murano glass, silver and 14K gold with gemstones, enamel, and  pearls, in addition to sterling silver chains and accessories. Pandora has a patented threading system that allows individual styling of the over 600 charms by each customer for their necklace or bracelet. Thus, items can be placed, added or rearranged. Design your own completely personalized necklace or bracelet around moments and interests in your life, or specific colors and styles that reflect your wardrobe, by working with the gallery’s highly experienced staff.

Mohr and her staff delight in meeting the people who visit her gallery and, of course, each guest is also greeted by the very special Isabelle and Sierra. Reflecting on her business and her adopted town of Cambria, Mohr says, “I was raised on the East Coast, lived in the Midwest, and now I think I am truly home.”

Visit the Teresabelle Gallery at 766 Main Street in the West Village of Cambria or call (805) 927-4556 for more information.

— Ruth Ann Angus


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