Cayucos Mold Damage Company Answers The Question, ‘Why Is There Mold When Nothing Is Wet?’

Tuesday, October 1st, 2019

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–Mold doesn’t need things to be wet in order to grow; it needs a combination of circumstances that include moisture that isn’t necessarily detectable to the eye or by touch. ServPro in Cayucos, the mold damage specialist, answers the question “Why is there mold when nothing is wet” by explaining the conditions that mold needs to grow and how to prevent those conditions.

Mold is never completely eliminated because mold spores are everywhere, just waiting for the perfect conditions to grow. Mold spores need a combination of organic matter for food, moisture, warmth, and oxygen. The organic matter and moisture is the reason mold is often discovered in piles of leaves in the shade of trees in the middle of summer. The leaves provide the organic matter and the shade helps retain the level of moisture the spores need. Mold grows best in warm temperatures between 77 and 86 degrees, and this is why warm weather does not necessarily announce the end of “mold season.”

The old saying: “An ounce prevention is worth a pound of cure,” certainly applies to mold. Removing as much of the conditions that feed mold as possible is the best approach to preventing mold damage.

Step one is to keep all surfaces clean and dry and provide plenty of ventilation.

Start outside by removing wet damp landscaping away from the foundation of the building. Where possible, replace water-hungry shrubs and flowers drought-tolerant plants.

  • Clean up fallen leaves that can harbor mold spores. For those who like to leave fallen leaves on the ground because of the benefits to the soil, just remove those next to the foundation. Fallen leaves can be recycled as garden mulch.
  • Check the roof and exterior siding for loose shingles, boards, and cracks and make the necessary repairs.
  • Check attics, basements, crawl spaces for signs of leaks and moisture and make the necessary repairs.
  • Check under bathroom, kitchen and laundry room cabinets and check for signs of leaks and moisture around the walls and flooring near appliances and fixtures.
  • Include any stonework or masonry in the inspection.
  • Check for leaking pipes and other plumbing fixtures.
  • Clean up any mold and check for any mold or water damage. The damage can be in the form of rotted wood or crumbling drywall, stains, and serious rot damage to the structure of the building.

Call the ServPro Cayucos mold damage experts for a thorough inspection of your home or business. The ServPro team knows that mold damage can disrupt your life. The team is highly trained to clean and restore residential and commercial property for mold, damage, fire damage, water damage, smoke damage and a wide range of other situations.


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