Discover antiquing in Paso Robles

Monday, January 2nd, 2023

Antiquing in Paso Robles

Shops for every collector from beginner to veteran

The lure of collecting brings pleasure from the joy of adding something new to the curio cabinet, capturing childhood memories, or fulfilling every collector’s dream of becoming famous on the Antique Roadshow. All of us, from beginner to experienced, enter every antiquing adventure knowing that this is the day we find that rare item for only $20. Even if we leave a shop without the treasure we know it’s still waiting in some dusty corner. At the end of the day, we still have the priceless experience of swapping tales of the hunt with friends over a great meal and bottle of wine.

Paso Robles has all of the antiquing adventures every collector craves—the hunt, the treasure found or lost, and the places to connect with friends and swap antiquing tales. Two of the best places to start are Reminisce Antiques and Vineyard Antique Mall.

Both establishments are long-time collector favorites, homes to vendors featuring everything from timeless antiques, vintage item and even new artisan creations. What are you hunting? Furniture? Art? Clothing? Jewelry? Maybe something you didn’t know until spying it? You’ll find it at these intriguing antique emporiums.

Reminisce Antiques—a village of shops under one roof

Antiquing in Paso Robles

Entering Reminisce Antiques is a visual treat. Whimsical overhead street signs point the shopper to “Front Street” and “Main Street” and into the intrigue of treasure hunting through a village of magical shops. Jeannie Bork, the genius behind the old world feeling of winding alleys, has owned the store since April Fool’s Day, 2006. “We have everything, antiques, vintage, new items and gifts,” said Bork. Reminisce has a loyal following of locals and visitors from all over. “Our customers bring their friends and those friends come back and bring their friends. We are blessed with the best customers who are like family.”

Browse the shops and find a variety of antique and vintage items from many eras, new gifts, candles, apparel, jewelry and accessories, hand refurbished furnishings, inspirational books, pet memorabilia and more.

Reminisce is located at 1344 Pine Street, Paso Robles. Open 10-5 Mon, Tue, Thu – Sat, 10-6 Wed and 10-4 Sun. Closed on major Holidays. For more information visit Reminisce Antiques on Facebook or call (805) 239-1001.

Treasure hunting at Vineyard Antique Mall

Antiquing in Paso Robles

Vineyard Antiques fills over 10,000 square feet with 100 different vendors offering antique furniture, old tools, glassware, jewelry, collectibles, old signs, auto, gas, oil and railroad memorabilia, mirrors, art and more. Outside, find garden art, old wheels and all sorts of rusty treasures in the 2,000 square foot patio.

“Our mall is a good place to find special underpriced treasures,” says owner Jeannine Cantrell. When the Cantrells took the reins of the nearly 20-year-old business in 2000, they set about acquiring the variety and fresh finds that make Vineyard Antiques a popular destination. “We work with entire estates or with consignments as small as a single shelf of antique thimbles.” Vineyard Antique Mall is about providing a complete collecting experience for everyone from the beginner to the seasoned collector.

“Visitors to our mall enjoy a step-back-in-time shopping experience,” says Jeannine. “So many people stop in and then spend the entire afternoon browsing our store.”

Vineyard Antique Mall, located at 2320 Ramada Drive, a few miles south of Paso Robles and easily visible from Highway 101. Visit any day of the week from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Open seven days a week. For more information, call (805) 237-4012.

-Jackie Iddings

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