Goats and yoga: Where stretching meets smiles

Monday, February 17th, 2020

California Goat Yoga brings fun events and cute baby goats to their unique yoga classes

Blending yoga with goats has never been more popular, and California Goat Yoga is coming soon to a venue near you on the Central Coast. The owners of California Goat Yoga are excited to share their itty bitty baby goats with everyone, and provide an easily accessible beginner’s classes for people ages 6 and up.

Business owner Alex Mullenax grew up in Orange County, Ca, and started her family’s goat ranch in 2016. As a child, Mullenax was a California 4-H state ambassador, and president with the National Junior Horticultural Association. Those experiences shaped her into who she is today.

For Mullenax, the journey into goats came when she got her very first goat, Snowflake.The sweet little white goat was given the role as ring-bearer in her wedding, and even lived in the house for her first few months. Snowflake really fueled the direction of where she wanted to take the ranch, and now the family specializes in Nigerian Dwarf Goats, which are classified as a miniature breed of dairy goat. She also tends to her llamas, highland cattle, and horses from the local Oak Creek wild herd.

Mullenax realized soon after buying her ranch that she wanted to make her future in sharing agriculture with the public. Not everyone might think goat yoga is agriculture, but she sees it as a great opportunity to share about her livelihood and what she does. People can learn a lot about how goats are, and enjoy a little bit of the farm life.

They don’t train them to do tricks, but the goats know the phrase, “Who wants to go to goat yoga,” and they all come running. Mullenax said, “It is fun for people to watch the goats be themselves.They love being active, going somewhere, and always look forward to being around lots of people who love them and enjoy their company. All of the goats know their own names, and come collectively to interact and do things, just like furry little people,” she said.

California Goat Yoga provides private and public events like bachelorette parties, corporate events and more. They bring portable fencing, yoga mats, and are completely mobile. Goats have a silly sweet nature which helps to break down boundaries, and people take more classes with yoga instructors after being introduced to it gently, with goats. Goats are very therapeutic, and you never know what someone is going through or dealing with. She said, “I’ve had people come up to me after class and tell me they just finished chemo, and this was what they’d been looking forward to. People with depression, anxiety, and PTSD can benefit from goat yoga.”

Their absolute favorite place in San Luis Obispo County is the Madonna Inn. Mullenax always hires a local certified yoga instructor for all her events. She said, “You can’t beat the views, and it’s a great destination for travelers-and a fun outing for locals!” The first local event of the year is scheduled for Valentine’s weekend at Madonna Inn.

California Goat Yoga is available for bachelorette parties and wedding events. California Goat Yoga schedules events throughout San Luis Obispo County. Keep an eye out for Goat Yoga & Wine, Goat Yoga & Brews, Goat Yoga & Mimosas, and Pajama Parties.

California Goat Yoga can be reached at (661) 238-3072, or visit www.CaliforniaGoatYoga.com to see schedule a private goat yoga event or find out what events are on the schedule.

–Cassandra Frey

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