Historic beach town charm at The Cass House

Sunday, August 16th, 2020

The Cass House in Cayucos

Wake up to fresh baked goods and a breathtaking view of Cayucos

—In the land of the mermaids where sweet salty air and perfect weather are abundant, The Cass House in Cayucos is a charming hideaway waiting to be discovered. This historic home, built in 1865, is located directly across the street from the striking blues and greens of the Pacific Ocean.

Full of fun and warm sandy beaches, this is a must-see destination for any traveler. The home hosts upscale and casual events for groups from 10-100, is open seven days a week. Bijou bakery is open on the weekends, and special orders are available five days a week.

The immaculate and elegant historic home is now a four bedroom retreat and home to gardens, event spaces, a boutique holistic skincare spa and a bakery. James Cass built his house, the pier, and veteran’s hall, which used to be a lumberyard and general store.

Cayucos was known for exporting dairy, lumber, and goods. Sellers would come from far and wide to bring their products to town for export to San Francisco and Los Angeles. It has a rich history, and its beauty make it a relaxing place for visitors to enjoy this truly scenic part of the world.

Between May and October, this heavenly hideaway is known for hosting a number of gorgeous weddings, year-round corporate events, small business retreats, and classes. This vintage style home is the perfect place to enjoy intimate gatherings from weddings to celebrations. Brides can wake up refreshed on their wedding morning, sip coffee by the sea, or walk barefooted through the house and enjoy a whimsical experience around every corner.

Life is sweet in Cayucos where you can enjoy the delightful gift of brown butter sea salt cookies on every bed and each morning guests are greeted by coffee, scones, and baked goods. The on-site bakery prepares fresh blueberry muffins, popovers, quiche, and more.

The bedrooms of the Cass House are plush and inviting, elegant and refined. Rest by the fireplace, bask on the balcony or have a bath in room five’s giant soaking tub and feel like royalty. Stay in a comfortable queen bed downstairs, or relax in one of the three upstairs rooms, where the balcony views of the ocean and sunsets are jaw dropping. Each unique room is designed a little differently. They all have one queen bed, full bathrooms, and the downstairs room has a private porch and gas fireplace.

Traci Hozie’s family purchased the Cass House in 2014, with hopes to make it a community- gathering place. The team she assembled launched a renovated property in 2016 with the new Pavilion, Bakery, and outdoor grill kitchen and bar.

Hozie and her sister also own and run the successful Brown Butter Cookie Company, with three locations on the Central Coast. The previous Cass House owners, Gary, and Nancy Bagnall purchased the property in the mid-1990s after being in disrepair for decades. It took the couple nearly 15 years of digs, architectural reviews, and period-appropriate sourcing to get the impressive home fully restored.

The Cass House is located at 222 N. Ocean Ave. in Cayucos. Bijou bakery is open Sat and Sun 7 a.m. -1 p.m. and the house is open seven days a week. For more information, call (805) 995-3669, email visit www.casshousecayucos.com or email: alexlynne@casshousecayucos.


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