North County buddies find success in canned wine business

Thursday, August 25th, 2016

Quinn and Schreiner Porch Pounder Wine

Quinn and Schreiner Porch Pounder Wine

Local boys ‘can’ fruit of the vine

Porch Pounder canned wine is a new, fun and easy, way to drink local wine. Its first run was produced this year.

Porch Pounder’s founders James Schreiner and Paul Quinn of Templeton thought it would be an easier way to take wine to the beach, a picnic, to a barbecue, a ball game, the park or sit swinging on the front porch sipping a high quality wine from the can. The safe and easy carry are the reasons the two businessmen embarked on making a canned wine; for the ease of being able to transport wine to places where one wouldn’t, or possibly couldn’t, manage a bottle of wine. “A broken bottle of wine on the beach isn’t a good thing,” said Schreiner.

The ease and convenience of having canned wine, as opposed to bottled wine, was as much for practicality purposes as for fun and individuality.  “I’ve always been fascinated with alternative packaging,” Quinn said. Schreiner agreed.

“The can is lightweight. It fits into a cooler, easy for campsites, great for barbecues, easy to take to a picnic. We really had a lot of outdoorsy people in mind when we created this,” said Schreiner. “It’s an easy drinking, high quality wine, and the can has versatility to it. Paul and I wanted it to be lighter in style, and a fun, playful wine people can bring anywhere they go, especially anywhere outdoors.”

Porch Pounder Wine

Red and Chardonnay Porch Pounder Wines

“We encourage people to try the wine because it has great quality and value wrapped up into a convenient package for people to take with them to places where they normally wouldn’t take a wine bottle, such as the beach, golfing, camping etc. It’s great for the poolside or to be enjoyed at home and even poured into a glass,” said Quinn.

The two Porch Pounder varietals currently sold are Chardonnay and Red Wine, both sold in 12-oz. cans. Meeting expectations for 2016 company sales means that approximately 1,000 cases of Porch Pounder will sell this year, but that number will likely grow in time.

“After rolling out our first two products this last spring – Vintage 15 Chardonnay and 14 Red Wine Blend – around March – we now have fairly moderate representation on the central coast – around 40 locations, mostly all locally owned businesses. Albertsons, off Niblick, being the only exception,” said Quinn.

A few of the places Porch Pounder can be bought:

  • Vivant Fine Cheese
  • Oak Hill Market
  • Albertsons on Niblick
  • Hunter Ranch
  • The Porch Cafe
Porch Pounder Wine

Schreiner with Porch Pounder and TW Ferm Co. Wines

Porch Pounder Red is produced from Paso Robles red grapes. The Chardonnay is produced from Central Coast chardonnay grapes. The wine is produced and canned locally. Schreiner and Quinn have recently won several medals for the Porch Pounder brand: a silver medal at the Orange County Wine Competition, a gold medal, a silver medal and a bronze medal at the Central Coast Wine Competition. 

Quinn and Schreiner also have a small-production winery called Thomas William Fermentation Co. known as TW Ferm Co., TW standing as middle initials of Quinn and Schreiner’s names. It is dedicated to traditional winemaking in bottles with a luxury cabernet varietal at the forefront.

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