Pelletiere Estate Winery cultivates lasting and sustainable winemaking

Thursday, May 3rd, 2018

Family winery shares exclusive Italian varietal wines with guests of Paso Robles

—Find all the comforts of home, delicious Italian varietal wines, and a peek into the world of an Estate Winery in Paso Robles, at Pelletiere. The winery is owned by a special woman, Janis Denner, who has the utmost devotion to her wines, and an affection for the people who seek her expertise in creating a great wine tasting experience.

You can find Pelletiere Estate on the corner on Township Road, just off Highway 46 West, in the enchanting and serene foothills of West Paso Robles. The Willow Creek District is an area known for producing ultra-premium wines, and has a rich limestone soil, perfect for creating excellent quality Vino. Pelletiere Estate has the small intimate charm you would expect from a Central Coast boutique winery, and sits pretty on 16 acres of beautiful Paso Robles soil. The Estate has 11 acres of planted ground, where their rare Italian varietals are grown.

Guests to Pelletiere can enjoy their stay even more, because this vineyard, it’s chic tasting room, and comfortable lodgings are located in the gorgeous countryside, away from stress, city life and heavy foot-traffic. Feeling the good energy that flows freely from the land and friendly people who call this area home, are just some of the draws to Pelletiere and Paso Robles wine country. For visitors who prefer to support eco-friendly businesses, be aware that Pelletiere Estate is a sustainable winery, known for their 7 varietals and commitment to taste, quality, and service.

All of the wine grown and produced is sold only on site, and exclusive to wine club members or guests to the winery. The bottles are sold out year after year, and with limited space available in the wine club, and it’s no mystery why. The quality of wine produced here is a reflection of the respect for the land that owner Janis Denner and her team have. Janis expressed, “Our goal is to focus on the vineyard, and we believe that the best wine is made in the vineyard and maintained in the cellar.” The winery focuses its energy on producing some of the tastiest wines which include: sangiovese, nebbiolo, montepulciano, lagrein, and zinfandel, syrah, and viognier. Janis Denner and her talented team at Pelletiere Estate are dedicated to the very best vineyard care, picking and hand selecting the perfect grapes, at optimum ripeness to produce hard to find Italian wines. They are proud to be creating these elegant varietals at around 1400 cases a year, for the love of it. Pelletiere Estate’s inviting and comfortable tasting room shares with guests its exclusive wines for only $15 a tasting, for 5 of their wines.

If you are thinking of running away anytime soon, keep in mind Pelletiere Estate is also home to a historic 2 bedroom farmhouse, built around 1890, and a lovely 1 bedroom cottage. Both recently renovated, with luxury in mind, are available to give visitors to Paso Robles a reason to celebrate. The Farmhouse has a modern yet vintage feel, with spacious and charming kitchen, living room, and views to enjoy and remember. The details put into every corner give guests all the comforts of home and make the enjoyment of the property not limited to just the tasting room. Pelletiere Estate is proud to focus on the land that grows the grapes, and the guests who come to experience more of the winery are pleasantly surprised by the hospitality.

Visit the Pelletiere Estate, and enjoy a glass or two of their handcrafted and exceptional products, open daily from 11 a.m. – 5 p.m., closed Tuesdays and Wednesdays. The winery is located at 3280 Township Rd, Paso Robles. For more information visit their website at or call (805) 239-9432.


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