Rustic family tradition- Bodega De Edgar’s Spanish varietal wines are a must-taste

Wednesday, February 26th, 2020


Edgar Torres

These Paso wines are bold, flavorful and complex

— A lot of good things are being made in Paso, and the people are extremely friendly, proudly sharing the bounty of their land. With over 200 wineries to choose from, Paso Robles has become a sprawling wine mecca. Knowing just where to visit amongst all the great and unique wineries can be a tough decision. Paso’s golden rolling hills have a magical quality to them and the laid back attitude of locals shows exceptional generosity. The land is rich with opportunities to relax and enjoy yourself, amongst the vineyards and gnarly oaks.

Discover the hospitality of Paso Robles personified at the Bodega de Edgar tasting room with owner Edgar Torres and his team. Sip and discover why the winemaker insists on producing his all-natural, unrefined and unfiltered wine at a small scale. He sources the very best hand-selected grapes on the Central Coast to create each bottle, lovingly made with passion. The quality of the wine is a testament to the grapes and how they are grown. What started out as just 250 cases has grown to around 2,500 cases. Wine from Bodega de Edgar is meant to be shared and savored with the people you love.

Bodega de Edgar was listed as a must-visit destination in Forbe’s Magazine’s essential stops on Adelaide Rd (his old location.) These accolades are well deserved and the locals who support this winemaker are vocal about their love of this wine. Torres tells a story with his wine and has steadily grown his operation as it spreads in popularity. His sole focus is producing the nicest wines possible, and he succeeds with ease.

Edgar Torres’ life started out in the small village of Buena Vista in Michoacán, Mexico. At a young age, his family settled in Cambria, California for a better life. Bodega de Edgar began in 2007 after stumbling upon the wine world as a waiter in Paso Robles. His love of learning about winemaking from beginning to end led to him dropping out of college and bottling 4 barrels of Granache. The enthusiasm he had for wine and the friendly open doors in the industry gave Torres an education and pathway to follow. Learning as he went, Torres treated his wines tenderly, and in 2007 Bodega de Edgar had a release of 4 wines.

Specializing in Spanish wines, Bodega de Edgar produces tastefully blended varietals and uses a small lot fermentation process to pull out the best flavors from the grapes. The very hard-working, down to earth winemaker welcomes visitors to his inviting tasting room-an unpretentious space dedicated to showcasing what he does best. Creating amazing wines. Torres has focused his life on producing his exceptional, artisanal wine and pays respect to his hardworking family, on his wine label. Torres always has his hands in nature and thrives in Paso’s welcoming environment, where he’s busy creating wine in the sun, respecting the soil, and living the dream on the Central Coast.

The highly-rated and award-winning cellar Bodega de Edgar is now located at a new 5,000 sq. ft. event space and tasting room. The Combine St. location has several inviting areas to enjoy a glass of their much-beloved wine. Sip outside in the yard and unwind at the family-friendly play area. They have 3 bars to discover. Find a new favorite blend at the VIP lounge. Torres embraces his warm and inviting heritage and welcomes tasters to enjoy his wines in a beautiful atmosphere.

Torres has a dedication to the art of winemaking and loves to offer from a list of delightful varietals like Albariño, La Guera, El Cabrhone, Garnacha, Tempranillo, Toro de Paso, Mis Pasos, E-Squared, Mi Monstant, La Jumilla, Priorato, Gracciano, Syrah and Rose. These handcrafted wines are uninhibited and give tasters a feel for the fruit. Savor the sweet and heavy, bold full-bodied Paso wine in his tasting room. Explore the unique juicy varietals which can be described as spicy and tart, with strawberry and oak aromas.

Bodega de Edgar is located at 3550 Combine St. in Paso Robles. Open 11 am- 5 p.m. Weds-Mon. For more information, visit or call (805) 423-3545. 

-Cassandra Frey



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