PasoSecco opens Paso Robles tasting room offering bubbles

Saturday, June 22nd, 2024

Paso Secco Paso Robles

‘The Best Bubbles in Paso’

—There is something about a bottle of bubbly wine that makes any occasion seem special. Chris Kern made it his mission to create an affordable Paso Robles sparkling wine with great taste. The result of his efforts is PasoSecco, a Charmat-style sparkling wine made with Paso Robles-grown grenache blanc, offered at just $25/bottle in the recently opened Paso Robles tasting room.

“PasoSecco was a two-year research project and labor of love for me, as I absolutely adore bubbles and felt like there were not enough everyday sparkling wines available in Paso Robles. Our mission was to capture Portofino cool and Palm Springs chic in a wine that’s always perpetually Paso, and I think we’ve nailed that with PasoSecco. We are ‘The Best Bubbles in Paso’ and look forward to having everyone come into our new downtown tasting room and taste it,” said Kern.

The project began when Kern was doing research for a winery client. When the client opted not to move forward, Kern continued his research, found investors, and launched the business. To round out his team, he hired Elizabeth Kuhlemann as winemaker. Kuhlemann came highly recommended and added the winemaking skills that Kern was lacking in addition to a female palate and perspective.

To help define the brand’s style, winemakers and investors tasted 47 Charmat-style sparkling wines before launching the first sparkling wine made following the Charmat method with Paso Robles grapes. Charmat method sparkling wines tend to be fruitier and are fermented for a shorter time. The bubbles are typically larger and brighter than the bubbles in traditional method wines – a style that Kern feels will be very popular at his $25 price point.

A portion of the first release of 520 cases, in November 2023, was allocated to Paso Robles restaurants, wine bars, and hotels. Popular businesses such as Jeffry’s Wine Country BBQ, The Hatch, Vine 13 Wine Shop, and Allegretto Resort continue to offer PasoSecco to their customers.

Kern opened his tasting room this May on the corner of Pine and 13th streets in downtown Paso Robles. The space is shared with Dracaena Wines and a taste of PasoSecco can be added to their tasting for just $5. Kern envisions most guests enjoying PasoSecco by the glass or bottle and will soon be adding elevated mimosas to his tasting room offering. On Saturday and Sunday mornings, guests can enjoy his mimosa play on classic cocktails such as the cosmo, tequila sunrise, and mai tai – all made with PasoSecco. With the tasting room now open, PasoSecco is expanding its SecCommunity wine club, launching events, and expanding its product offering. Additional wines will be added to the offering including a rosé, called CinSecco, made with cinsault grapes this fall. To get the full scoop, stop by the tasting room where you will likely find Kern behind the bar happy to share his story and plans for the future.

PasoSecco is located at 1244 Pine St. in Paso Robles. Open Friday 1-7 p.m., Saturday 9 a.m.-7 p.m., and Sunday 9 a.m.-5 p.m. For more information visit,or call (805) 229-1667

— Lisa Pretty

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